Kazakhstan International Exhibition "Packaging, Tare, Label"


Bronnikova Galina, Manager OSQ Group Upack.kz (Kazakhstan):

This is the first time we have participated in the QazPack exhibition. I am very satisfied, it is productive and interesting. A lot of new products are presented, participation met all expectations.  We present products of disposable tableware and eco-packaging, the interest of the audience is great. Our favorite customers came to us, we were very happy to see our partners who have been working with us for a long time, we have also created a large base of new potential customers, who will be very happy. We would really like to participate next year in a similar exhibition, it is very interesting and potential for development.

Tuganbaeva Aigul, Senior Specialist of KZ Recycling (Kazakhstan):

Our company participates in the QazPack exhibition every year. We thank you for this opportunity, because at the exhibition we expand our customer base, meet our current customers, partners and competitors. During these two days the flow of people is very large. We were visited by both potential and current customers with whom we were able to discuss current issues.  At the moment we are in the process of signing a contract. If the conditions are acceptable, we plan to participate next year.

Yakubov Salim, Executive Director of Almaty branch of Karkyn-2030 (Kazakhstan):

For the first time we participate in FoodExpo Qazaqstan in 2023. We have been preparing for a long time, hired a special designer, held preparatory activities. This exhibition is very important for us, as our company supplies and offers its products in the market of Almaty. A number of contracts were signed at the exhibition, important meetings were held, including acquaintance with the corporate sector. New growth opportunities opened up for us, the exhibition brought good results. In the coming years, our company plans to participate in the FoodExpo Qazaqstan exhibition on a mandatory basis, increasing the range of products, our preparation will be at an even higher level. Our goal is to produce and provide the residents of Almaty city with a large number of goods so that every consumer could satisfy their needs. Besides, there were customers from all CIS countries at the exhibition, who were interested in our products and their quality. We have an interest in signing a contract. We were convinced once again that the quality of our products is at a high level and affordable, since there was such a keen interest.

Yedigenov Sultan, Sales Manager of KazBeef Processing (Kazakhstan):

FoodExpo Qazaqstan exhibition gathered many producers and distributors from all over Kazakhstan and other countries of the world. All of them are interested and want to expand their sales market. I am sure that everyone who visited the exhibition learned something new for themselves. We got acquainted with many distributors from Uzbekistan, from Kyrgyzstan, in the future we will cooperate and discuss all the issues of interaction. We will definitely take part in the exhibition next year with an even bigger stand.

Pavlova Tatyana, Director of Goretsky Food Combine (Republic of Belarus):

This year we participate in FoodExpo Qazaqstan for the first time, we take part in the national stand of the Republic of Belarus. We are very delighted with the level of organization of the exhibition, our impressions are only positive, next year we will definitely come again.  Meetings with distributors of your country were organized for us, we held a lot of negotiations. We have determined for ourselves that there is no analog of the products we represent in your region yet. Our products will be in demand in your market, and we hope that in the near future we will establish cooperation with your contractors. We have just held detailed negotiations today, and we will start discussing the terms of cooperation when we return to the Republic of Belarus. The product we are presenting here is new for your region, which requires a more detailed elaboration of partnership conditions. I believe that the organization of such exhibitions is a huge contribution to building mutually beneficial cooperation. We have discovered not only partners in terms of export, but also identified new suppliers of equipment, found potential suppliers of packaging. And also for this short period of time we managed to get acquainted with your national flavor, to know the preferences of your country. Organization of such exhibitions allows not only to establish contacts from the point of view of business relations, but also to discover your region.

Lee Yeonju, Manager of Korea Agro-Fisheries and Food Trade Corporation (korea):

We are delighted with the exhibition! We met a lot of buyers from Kazakhstan. Our main goal was to introduce Korean exporters to the Kazakh market, and I think we successfully achieved this goal. We will definitely come back next year as we see great potential from participating in this exhibition.


Rishat Kassimov, Yans:

This year’s exhibition was perfect, this is not the first time we have exhibited at it. Since the foundation of our company in Almaty, we have been actively participating in exhibitions for more than 5 years. We are distributors of Russian plants, as well as manufacturers of our own products. This year there were a lot of visitors who are our clients from other countries. It is great to see an exhibition of this level in Almaty, where people from Russia, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan come to ask questions to our companies. We take part in the exhibition in order to answer the questions of existing customers, and to make friends with new ones. This year, many customers interested in our products came from different cities of Kazakhstan. We are glad that local manufacturers and companies like us can compete with foreign ones such as Russian, Chinese, and European companies. We definitely plan to take part next year, it has become a good tradition to show and demonstrate our products at exhibitions.

Damir Garifulin, Inter Multi Service LLP:

We have been participating for several years, the exhibition was very successful for us this year. We are very grateful to Iteca for providing us with such an opportunity. We participated in exhibitions in Astana, Almaty and we were satisfied with it. We signed potentially productive contracts. The first two days were especially fruitful; I think that this is very profitable for the company. I think that we will definitely take part in the future.

Kristina Kartasheva, Nyr Kagazy:

I like the QazPack exhibition very much. There is a wonderful atmosphere and a great team. We are participating for the second year in a row. There are many visitors here; we have found many new potential customers. It is possible that contracts will be signed with them in the future. We would like to continue participating in the future.

Yekaterina Khissametdinova, Stroylux LLP:

We are a company of domestic production; we take part in the exhibition for the second year in a row. The exhibition this year was more lively, there were many participants, there were even more visitors. The organization was carried out at the highest level. Our stand aroused great attention of the audience, a lot of people came up, were interested in our products, exchanged information. We hope for further cooperation.


Tatyana Mozhayeva, manager of the meat industry department of EUROSNAB

Participation in the exhibition is a very useful experience for us, we are here for the second time. A lot of new potential clients visited us yesterday and today, we held meetings with our regular clients. I want to thank the organizers for bringing together interesting participants, it was very informative and cognitively. Our products were in great demand, as there were few companies that exhibited exactly food ingredients. There was an increased interest, a large number of requests for meat processing, confectionery and beverages. Such platforms provide live contact with people, and this is very productive in the field of business. I would like to see more of our domestic producers, especially sausage production. We hope that all the nuances associated with the pandemic will soon be resolved and next year the scale of the exhibition will become much larger. Our company will definitely exhibit in the next 2022.

Apulkis Romas, Baltic Gastronomy Leaders

I think that the level of the exhibition is at a high level. I did not even expect this, in general I liked everything. I think that the people who have come are seriously looking at the potential of the exhibition. I wish there were more new clients. We don't need many partners, we only need a few good quality partners. Events of this format are needed for communication, here we can follow market trends. We definitely plan to take part in this exhibition in 2022.

Aydinyan Musheg, Head of the Business Missions Department of the International Partnership Department of the MEC

To date, we assess participation in the FoodExpo exhibition only from a positive point of view. Moscow is interested in the Kazakhstan market. It should be noted that today 30 percent of all export falls on Kazakhstan, and we are only interested in increasing our activity. As of the current moment, more than 150 meetings have taken place, we have brought 15 food companies to the exhibition. All meetings are usually targeted. The presented companies are already active exporters from various categories, such products as energy drinks, food, ice cream, healthy products presented. We are interested in participating in your next exhibitions. Selection will be carried out, and we hope that our companies will also be interested in the market of Kazakhstan and we will have good quality partnership relations. It should be noted that the offline format is, first of all, an active live contact between the seller and the potential buyer. Probably one of the most effective ways to promote products is offline support. Unfortunately, the pandemic year made itself felt, and we were forced to move all events online. We hope that starting today, we will carry out all working meetings in the usual offline format.

Alexander Litvinchuk, Director of Corrugated Board Sales Department, NURKAGAZY LLP

We have not participated in the exhibition for a couple of years, but we have known your company for a long time. We have been taking part for 15 years in your exhibitions, we have a good close relationship. We are glad that our company is cooperating with you, because such platforms are necessary and in demand for business and for people. The situation with restrictions is a little annoying, people are wary of getting sick with coronavirus and there are fewer visitors. But at the exhibition platform everything is organized in compliance with sanitary standards and the risk is minimal. A lot of foreign companies are represented at the exhibition, including the Moscow regions: Omsk, Altai, Buryatia and even companies from the Far East. Therefore, the main players of the market for the production of corrugated packaging and containers were exhibited at this exhibition. We are pleased with the exhibition and consider it to be very fruitful. We plan to participate next year because this is a great opportunity for further development.

Zoya Novolodskaya, Development Director, SILUMIN-VOSTOK (Cold Chain)

We have been working with Iteca for a long time and have participated in many exhibitions, because our company is engaged in a wide range of equipment production. We are participating in ColdChain exhibition for the first time because our products have only been on the market for two years. We decided to present all our new products and developments on a large scale. Since it is mainly companies that provide food processing services are involved here. We, in turn, are solving the issues of preserving the same products, this is very important for the agricultural sector. We are the only company represented here with our own refrigeration equipment. The stand contains the main samples of our products. Therefore, I will say that the agiotage around our stand is very high. It will take our specialists two weeks to process the applications that were collected during these two days. Offline events are more profitable than online, you can not only touch and see everything with your own hands, but also get expert advice at the stand. We are the only production workers represented here. And on the Kazakhstan market there are no more than two or three companies, so there is a deficit in the consultation of competent specialists, and people who wanted to get answers received them here.

Отзывы о выставке WorldFood Kazakhstan 2018

Батыржан Нуршанов Коммерческий директор ТОО «ALA Sintez»

Хочу отметить, что организация выставки – замечательная! Выходя на данную бизнес площадку, мы не ожидаем, что все произойдет само собой. Здесь можно остановить любого проходящего мимо посетителя, и общение с ним может перерасти в бизнес отношения. Всё зависит от того, чем лучше вы «обрабатываете» потенциального клиента, тем лучше будут результаты.

Например, в прошлом году мы получили хорошие показатели: заключили контракты и выстроили отношения с теми компаниями, которые уже работают на рынке и с теми, кто только планируют запустить свое производство напитков. Сегодня мы также уже получили новых клиентов и новые контракты.

Игорь Смирнов, Директор компании «Комплекс-Бар Кей Зет» (Казахстан)

В этом году выставка проходит хорошо, мне все нравится. Организаторы быстро реагируют на запросы, мы очень довольны их работой! И надеемся найти здесь новых партнеров, не упустить старых и показать наши новинки.

Александр Скрипин, Директор компании Aqua Food Trade

Мы производим выпуск рыбной продукции в Казахстане, а также являемся официальным дистрибьютором продукции компании «РЫБПРОМ». В выставке WorldFood Kazakhstan мы участвуем второй год подряд и получаем хорошие результаты. Только за первый день работы выставки в этом году мы получили уже 3 контракта с региональными компаниями из Тараза, Шымкента и Усть-Каменогорска. Для нас WorldFood Kazakhstan – это бизнес площадка, где мы можем напрямую, без посредников осуществлять поиск партнеров и заключать выгодные контракты.

Татьяна Орешкевич Начальник отдела ВЭД ОАО «Пинский мясокомбинат» (Беларусь)

Мы представляем нашу продукцию на выставке WorldFood Kazakhstan 2018 третий год подряд. И, когда мы впервые приняли участие в выставке, то получили хорошие результаты в виде новых партнёров. Я считаю, что выставки – это эффективная площадка для налаживания и поддержания сотрудничества с партнерами. Очень важно встречаться с уже действующими клиентами, выслушивать их пожелания, нарекания и предложения по работе. По телефону и по электронной почте это делать очень сложно.

Комплекс выставок в рамках WorldFood Kazakhstan в этом году организованны хорошо, у нас нет никаких нареканий! Принимая решение об участии в выставке мы в первую очередь ставили цель расширить объёмы поставок нашей продукции на Казахстанский рынок. Благодаря выставке мы рассчитываем заключить здесь как минимум 2-3 контракта.

Светлана Ониськова Специалист по маркетингу и PR компании ЧАО «Доминик» (Украина)

Мы не первый год принимаем участие в выставке WorldFood Kazakhstan. Хочу отметить, что ежегодно по итогам события мы получаем хороший результат в виде новых контактов, договоренностей с партнёрами. Также обновляется наша база потенциальных дистрибьюторов, с которыми в дальнейшем мы можем развивать взаимовыгодное сотрудничество.

В этом году, я хочу отметить, выставка организованна на достаточно высоком уровне. И мы конечно же ожидаем найти новых дистрибьюторов в Алматы, а также увеличить объем продажи нашей продукции в регионе в целом.

Елена Венедиктовна Продакт-менеджер ОАО Пивкомбинат «Балаковский» (Россия)

Мы впервые приехали в Казахстан на выставку WorldFood для того чтобы «освоить» местный рынок и продавать нашу продукцию здесь. Выставка помогает нам познакомится с местными дистрибьюторами, мы налаживаем контакты, обговариваем вопросы сотрудничества с потенциальными партнерами. Что касается организации, я считаю, что выставка проходит очень хорошо. Организаторы молодцы!

Ринат Апкаев Менеджер по продажам ООО Кайнак (Россия)

Мы впервые принимаем участие в выставке WorldFood Kazakstan. Более 6 лет мы выступали на подобных площадках в Москве. И только в этом году приняли решение о расширении географии сбыта нашей продукции. Хоть мы и доставляем уже в Казахстан нашу продукцию, этого недостаточно. Мы надеемся на выставке WorldFood Kazakhstan найти новых клиентов. Могу сказать, что уже в первый день у нас появились потенциальные партнеры, с которыми мы прорабатываем вопросы сотрудничества. Также мы пообщались с уже существующими партнерами.

Об организации выставки могу сказать – все проходит очень хорошо, работа выставки выстроена системно и грамотно.

Артём Ковалевский Директор по продажам ООО «Диад» (Россия)

В Казахстан на выставку WorldFood мы приехали первый раз. С момента старта нашего бизнеса мы ежегодно участвуем в подобных выставках в России. Сегодня для нас важно найти новых клиентов, показать специалистам-посетителям свою продукцию. Еще одной важной задачей на выставке является мониторинг конкурентов, мы изучаем тенденции казахстанского рынка. Продукт у нас уникальный, никто из стран СНГ не производит подобное и для нас очень важно знать мнение наших потенциальных и существующих покупателей.

Мне очень нравится, как проходит выставка и как она организованна. Я считаю, что площадка будет эффективной для нас.

Максим Стрельников, Директор компании «Вулкан»

Я считаю, что выставка - это один из основных инструментов продвижения своей продукции. Мы впервые приехали в Алматы на выставку HoRex, потому что заинтересованы в развитии нашего бизнеса на Казахстанском рынке. Мы уже экспортируем свою продукцию в Казахстан и имеем определенное количество клиентов. Однако, мы не хотим останавливаться на этом и, сегодня, ставим целью нарастить объемы наших продаж здесь. Не мало важно, также, и изучить рынок Казахстана. Благодаря выставке, я думаю, мы сможем осуществить поставленные цели. Ведь выставка организована очень хорошо, все сервисы доступны, не вижу никаких проблем.

Олжас Роман, Специалист коммерческого отдела компании EuroCold (Казахстан)

Мы впервые участвуем в выставке ColdChain Kazakhstan. Мне очень нравится, как проходит выставка, всё прекрасно организованно.

Наша компания достаточно молодая, мы всего на рынке 3 года и для увеличения узнаваемости нас на рынке, мы решили выступить со своим оборудованием здесь. Рассчитываем, что на выставке мы обретем новых клиентов, получим для себя новый опыт. Очень важно для менеджеров развивать навыки общения с клиентами, уметь грамотно представлять свою компанию.