Kazakhstan International Exhibition "Packaging, Tare, Label"

Ways to exhibit

How to Exhibit at QazPack

1. Exhibition stand (minimum 9 sq. m)

  • Demonstrate the company’s products
  • Set up business contacts
  • An opportunity to establish long-term relations in technology and find the sales market
  • Direct communication with current and potential clients and competitors
  • Highly professional consulting of clients by company representatives on the use of the company’s products
  • An opportunity to identify real positions of the company and market development prospects
  • Identify consumers’ expectations and new trends in the market

2. Advertising in the official exhibition catalogue

  • A specialised publication in this sector
  • Contacts and description of your company’s activities
  • Distribution of the catalogue at the exhibition (buyers include specialists in this sector)
  • Placing of information in the catalogue on the official site of the exhibition

3. Advertising in the Iteca Exhibition News special release

  • A special release of the newspaper which covers only WorldFood Kazakhstan
  • Free distribution for visitors (specialists)
  • Distribution in business centres, restaurants and hotels of Almaty and other cities of Kazakhstan

4. Advertising on banners and billboards

  • Additional promotion
  • More information for specialists about your company before they come to the exhibition
  • Another opportunity to draw other exhibitors’ attention to your company

5. Sponsorship opportunities

  • The status of the Sponsor of the Exhibition
  • A full-scale advertising campaign (placing the company’s logo on all advertising products)
  • Wide recognition
  • Association of the exhibition with your company’s name

6. Organisation of workshops, presentations and master classes

  • An opportunity to professionally brief current and potential clients about your company’s activities
  • Identify clients’ needs and expectations in the form of a two-way dialogue
  • An opportunity not only to present new items but also to explain why the product is unique using different visual aids

7. Participation in special exhibition events (competitions, tasting)

  • An opportunity to prove that your company’s product is the best
  • Highlight the results of the competitions in special exhibition publications, on the official site of the exhibition and specialised media
  • Support the image of your company