Kazakhstan International Exhibition "Packaging, Tare, Label"

Exhibitions of Food Industry and Agriculture in Almaty expand the programme of events

The International Exhibitions of the food industry, agriculture and packaging industry will be held on November 4 – 6 in Almaty:

  • 18th Central Asian International Food Industry Exhibition – WorldFood Kazakhstan 2015
  • 10th Anniversary Central Asian International Agriculture Exhibition – AgroWorld Kazakhstan 2015
  • 13th Kazakhstan International Packaging Exhibition – KazUpack Kazakhstan 2015

Let us remind you that WorldFood Kazakhstan 2014 hosted more than 400 companies from 36 countries. Exposition of AgroWorld Kazakhstan 2014 presented more than 60 companies from 20 countries. 4500 professionals visited the expositions from all regions of Kazakhstan, CIS and foreign countries.

WorldFood Kazakhstan 2015 consists traditionally of the following sections: foodstuff, food processing equipment, bakery, and ingredients. As of April 1, 50% of companies, which participated in WorldFood Kazakhstan 2014, have already confirmed their participation in the Exhibition in 2015.

WorldFood Kazakhstan 2015 will present national stands of Hungary, Germany, Turkey, and after one year of break – South Korea. In 2015, the national stand of the Czech Republic will present foodstuff for the first time, in addition to processing, baking, brewing, and refrigeration equipment, convector heaters and liquid filling equipment, which the country presents traditionally at the Exhibition. Sri Lanka and India will present their famous tea chambers.

As part of WorldFood Kazakhstan 2015 wine tasting will be held for the first time, during which the best wine of the Exhibition will be chosen.

The organizers have begun to accept applications for participation in the annual special events: the 17th professional tasting of foodstuff and non-alcoholic beverages "The Best Product of WorldFood 2015" and the 17th professional tasting of alcoholic beverages "The Best Product of WorldFood 2015".

For the first time, as part of WorldFood Kazakhstan 2015, in addition to the annual "Retail Centre" we plan to hold a roundtable on ingredients "Market of Food Ingredients in Kazakhstan: state and development prospects", where a discussion is scheduled on legal regulation and innovative production of foodstuff among representatives of state bodies, major producers of ingredients, food production experts, and research institutes.

AgroWorld Kazakhstan 2015 continues to focus on the following topics: stockbreeding, poultry farming, veterinary medicine, feed additives, greenhouses and plant cultivation in structures covered with plastic film, irrigation and water resources management, water and water technologies, agricultural chemistry, plant protection, post-harvest processing of agricultural products, research and development, software and technical support.

As part of AgroWorld Kazakhstan 2015, we plan to hold the Central Asian International Conference AgriCA. In addition to stockbreeding, veterinary and poultry farming sections, gardening and vegetable growing will be presented for the first time. Representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, investment and credit institutions, research organizations, members of the Union of Poultry Farmers of Kazakhstan, the Union of Farmers of Kazakhstan and Kazakhstan Association of Veterinarians will attend the Conference.

Traditionally, KazUpack 2015 will bring together Kazakhstan and international manufacturers and suppliers of labels, prefabricated packing, as well as machinery and technologies for packaging industry, equipment for printing, marking, drawing logos; technologies for warehousing, logistics and storage. We will also present to the visitors packaging materials and aids to packaging, printing equipment, technology and services of the printing industry.

The organizers of the event are the Kazakhstan Exhibition Company Iteca and its partner ITE Group Plc (UK).

Detailed summary information about the events is available on the websites www.worldfood.kz, www.agroworld.kz and www.kazupack.kz.


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