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KZ Recycling LLP today is one of the largest manufacturers of container board, corrugated packaging and paper in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. The company is a vertically integrated business with a full production cycle: from waste paper collection to production and sale of finished products.

KZ Recycling is the only company in Kazakhstan that has a network of waste paper collection points throughout the country. Every year the company collects and processes about 50 thousand tons of waste paper, thereby saving about 500 thousand mature trees from cutting down.

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4-valve box: the most common type of packaging made from three-layer corrugated cardboard and it can be made to order in any size.

Boxes with a removable lid: used for archiving documents, and can also serve as individual or transport packaging.

Trays for loose products: used for packaging loose products that do not have their own individual packaging.

Trays for dairy and other products: complex packaging, which is a combination of an insert for fixing the product and a base for the insert. Particularly convenient for dairy products (sour cream, yogurt, cream, etc.).

Reinforced tray: box design with increased rigidity and comfortable slotted handles and ventilation holes, self-assembling. Widely used for packaging vegetables and fruits.

Open type tray, tray with lid: used for quick freezing. Withstands multi-row stacking, has holes for gripping and ventilating products. Convenient for transporting and storing meat and sausage products.

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Self-assembled boxes: small-sized boxes of various configurations. Used for packaging pizza, tea, etc.

Self-wrapping box: used for goods in tetrapackages on automated lines.

Lathing, gaskets, inserts: used in addition to 4-valve boxes to protect products and increase the rigidity of the box ribs.

Pallet with sides: used as a rigid base for packaging alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in shrink film.

Sheet corrugated cardboard - at the KZ Recycling plant, corrugated cardboard is presented in a wide range; it can consist of two or three layers according to your technical specifications.

Safe disposal boxes - container for disposal of medical waste of class B and C. From 3 to 20 liters. We will produce it according to your sizes. Standard containers made of three-layer corrugated cardboard for collecting medical waste such as syringes, needles and other sharp instruments.

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Website: www.kagazy.kz

Instagram: @kz_recycling